April 2023

SmartB, a pioneering TechFin company, is collaborating with Carbon Optimum, a US-based company committed to permanently capturing and neutralizing CO2 emissions from cement factories. This partnership involves SmartB verifying and ensuring the quality of Carbon Optimum’s innovative carbon capture and utilization (CCU) project, and issuing digital certificates, commonly known as carbon credits, via its blockchain network. These credits can be traded among third-party buyers seeking to offset their emissions, providing an effective solution to combat climate change.

Carbon Optimum’s CCU project has the potential to capture and permanently store up to 15 million tons of CO2 each year, which can significantly mitigate the carbon footprint of major industrial emitters. SmartB’s expertise and digital assets enables a transparent and secure system for issuing, tracking, and trading carbon credits. Ensuring assets traceability is crucial to reduce the risks associated with acquiring these assets ex-ante and thereby secure the investment.

Carbon Optimum’s CCU process aims to permanently capture, neutralize, and reverse CO2 emissions from the Concrete & Cement factories, Oil & Gas industries, Coal Fire Plants and Major Industrial Emitters using their patented photo-bioreactor (PBR) technology. By producing microalgae biomass, they create high-value products and decarbonized biocrude oil for various markets, offering a carbon-negative biofuel solution. Their approach has gained global interest, leading them to choose Kansas Proving Grounds as the central carbon neutrality solution for the Great Plains Industrial Park’s circular energy park (First Net Zero Industrial in the USA). This location enables Carbon Optimum to scale their carbon sequestration and biomass production, providing a distinctive way to combat climate change.

As part of SmartB’s commitment to empowering regenerative economy pioneers, the company is dedicated to financing, managing, and entrusting projects that align with its mission. Through this partnership, SmartB will provide Carbon Optimum with de-risked investment opportunities, supporting the financial development of the company’s CCU project.

SmartB’s comprehensive ecosystemic solution also offers ex-ante financing to accelerate the development of environmentally positive projects. This innovative financing mechanism enables organizations to access funding for their projects before they are completed, thereby facilitating the implementation of sustainable practices that can mitigate their carbon footprint.

SmartB’s collaboration with Carbon Optimum highlights its commitment to providing innovative financial mechanisms to combat climate change. Together, SmartB and Carbon Optimum are paving the way for a regenerative economy that prioritizes sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.