Carbon Optimum


Net-zero is the only option. Circular production is the only future.

Step 1


Remove carbon dioxide

To permanently capture carbon dioxide, our photobioreactors (PBRs) are placed in proximity to the carbon dioxide created by high-emitting industrial factories. Decreasing the level of carbon dioxide ultimately neutralizes emissions, decarbonizing our atmosphere and making polluting factories net-zero factories.

Repurpose waste

On top of capturing carbon dioxide we capture flue gas emissions, waste heat, and wastewater, recycling liquid and solid waste into valuable resources.

Step 2

Cultivate Microalgae.

Accelerate nature’s process

Our PBRs have mastered the industrial production of microalgae using carbon dioxide, artificial light, water and a small amount of nutrients to cultivate it. The biomass in our oceans is produced by photosynthesis and takes millions of years to complete. We harvest this biomass in just 24 hours. Our patented process has done the impossible – accelerated nature’s way and created a new way that systems and the natural world create at scale.

Collaborate with microalgae

Microalgae is one of the planet’s best sources of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other essential building blocks of life. It is a renewable energy source and future staple crop. By collaborating with microalgae and its brilliant nutritional make up, we are able to produce essential goods that are rich in nutrients, 100% organic, and create zero waste. The possibilities of using microalgae and its properties are almost infinite, making this a market poised for growth.

Step 3

Produce nutrients and goods.

Extract biomass

Our patented process produces a biomass of nutrients that are highly valuable to a wide range of industries. The production process is incredibly complex, making these nutrients high in demand but low in supply. Our biomass has key molecules essential for high-value bioproducts in the energy, food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, cosmetic sectors and more. The number of nutrients that make up the biomass makes our process invaluable for these industries and for a sustainable future.

Create bioproducts

Our biomass produces materials necessary for biofuel, crude oil, cow feed, fertilizer, livestock, vegetable oils, healthy human food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and much more. Created through our circular production model, making them all waste-free and organic. Some are incredibly impactful for the race against climate change. Our high-quality cow feed, for example, eliminates methane. Today, cows are responsible for half of the agriculture’s greenhouse gasses. By simply feeding them our feed, we have a huge impact, we solve the cow and methane problem.