We are reproducing  the process of the carbon cycle that tooks millions of years :

In only, a 24 h patented process !

Our Bio-reactors are unique in design compared to our competitors, and provide the ideal conditions to grow the maximum yields of the algal biomass.


Our process uses a systematic approach to provide cost effective growth and harvesting to insure efficient, high yield production of the algaes… Providing the ideal conditions year round.

As Micro algae are easy to grow, require low maintenance, and are very abundant aqueous life forms that use solar energy to perform photosynthesis.

We do strongly believe that they could become the sources of third generation biofuels while sugar, starch, vegetable oil and animal fat are considered as sources of first generation biofuels, and the non-food crops are considered as sources for the second and third generation of biofuels.


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